Friday, July 1, 2011

If only Blogger was more user friendly...

...then I'd post more often. Facebook is just so easy as I can access it anywhere by smart phone. Plus pictures are easier to upload on FB. But I'm determined to stick with it even if my posts are few and far between!

This is what is going on in my little world lately. Summer is in full swing in our household. The kids have their daily jobs that are keeping them responsible and keeping the house somewhat clean. They've played with friends, done crafts, and made chocolate covered Banana Creamies. We have our days planned out so we don't miss any fun in this short time I have while my kids are out of school. We have gone swimming (a lot!), hiking, tumbling, field tripping to This is the Place Monument and The Children's Museum. We've been to the park, the splash pad and the movies. We have plans for Raging Waters, The Hogle Zoo, Classic Fun Center, Tracy Aviary, Lagoon, Cowabunga Bay, more swimming, more hiking, more tumbling, more fun.

This is my absolute favorite time of year. With Independence Day celebrations, hanging with family and friends, BBQ's, swimming, spending time with the kids and best of all the SUN, I am in heaven.


Maura said...

I agree. It takes so much longer on blogger. And, there is something goofy going on with spacing, so even if you add pictures, the post ends up spaced all funny. Grr...Good thing we are friends on Facebook! : )