Friday, July 1, 2011

If only Blogger was more user friendly...

...then I'd post more often. Facebook is just so easy as I can access it anywhere by smart phone. Plus pictures are easier to upload on FB. But I'm determined to stick with it even if my posts are few and far between!

This is what is going on in my little world lately. Summer is in full swing in our household. The kids have their daily jobs that are keeping them responsible and keeping the house somewhat clean. They've played with friends, done crafts, and made chocolate covered Banana Creamies. We have our days planned out so we don't miss any fun in this short time I have while my kids are out of school. We have gone swimming (a lot!), hiking, tumbling, field tripping to This is the Place Monument and The Children's Museum. We've been to the park, the splash pad and the movies. We have plans for Raging Waters, The Hogle Zoo, Classic Fun Center, Tracy Aviary, Lagoon, Cowabunga Bay, more swimming, more hiking, more tumbling, more fun.

This is my absolute favorite time of year. With Independence Day celebrations, hanging with family and friends, BBQ's, swimming, spending time with the kids and best of all the SUN, I am in heaven.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bad Blogger

Fantastic Facebooker...bad Blogger. Oh, well.

In the past few months we've celebrated Belle's 8th birthday and St. Paddy's Day and have been planning a trip to Disneyland.

Here are some pics from Belle's birthday:

Friend Party

Lego's were the present of choice this year!

So were kitty t-shirts. Staci and Danny gave her the exact same shirt I did :)

Belle and Parker playing at Airborn Trampoline Arena. We had the whole place to ourselves for about 30 minutes!

Best friends, Parker and Belle.

Family Parties

Sorry about the picture quality. These were taken on my phone. I really should carry my camera around with me at all times...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas in Paradise

Pretty Views:
Christmas in Kauai, December 2010

Christmas Morning:
The presents under the "Christmas Tree" aka a palm tree, Opening presents (Yes, Santa DID find us this year! He brought the kids both new phones, a book and candy.), Christmas Breakfast of cinnamon rolls, fresh mango, pineapple, and papaya, cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. Yum!

Whale Watching Boat Tour:
Seeing whales spout, jump, slap and raise their tails with everyone but the Fuhriman's (no babies allowed on board) and Jeremy (sea sickness is not fun...just ask Steph, Brook and Grandpa!). Most pics are of the family on the boat as it was VERY rough waters and hard to take pictures of the whales. But we saw lots and had a good time. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!

Staying in a Condo with the Mounteer's:
Tiny kitchen where meals were prepared, Rainy day's, Playing Poker with chocolates, Playing lots of Words With Friends on iPods, and a BEAUTIFUL view out back where rainbows, dolphins and rain storms were spotted and whales were seen daily!

Playing at the Pool:
Handstands, Slides, Sleeping, Swimming, Playing, Posing, Klive

Beachy Fun:
Posing for the camera, Sledding down the sand hill, Watching the waves with family, Crabs, Sisters, Cousins, Handstands, Building forts and sandcastles

Hiking to Queen's Bath:

Danger sign, Playing on the black rocks, watching the waves crash, looking for crabs, muddy hike equals muddy legs and shoes!

Belle on the beach, Tre in his mask, underwater pics. Snorkeling at Tunnels and Hideaway Beaches

Spending New Years Eve in the Maui Airport:
Ate in the airport restaurant, did the New York's countdown at 9pm

Other highlights not pictured:

Rope swing and waterfall jumping

Playing with Klive daily

Dinner at the Hanalei Dophin

Seeing whales playing in the ocean out our back lanai every morning/afternoon

Boogie boarding with cousins

Playing "Peter or Pinocchio" in the waves

Many, many trips to the Foodland in Princeville

Movies every night in the condo

Christmas Dinner with everyone (ham, funeral potatoes, salad, rolls)

Loud thunderstorms at night

Klive learning how to clap when anyone sings "Patty Cake"

Funny saying from everyone (esp. "if here is here, and there is there, it's somewhere in the middle" by Kara; "Your mother screams like a man" by Belle; "Patty cake, patty cake, Klive makes a great cake" by Tre)